Hoorah for the bra!


The AA used to refer to itself as the fourth emergency service. Last night, I had a little AA action myself, though no knights of the road were involved.

I’ve always bought a 36AA bra, though would love to get fitted properly one day. Maybe after hormones. But the 36 band usually fits well and I have very little to fill the cup with.

I have a few 36AAA bras, too, but these tend to be super-padded, and I really don’t like padding of any kind.

I own dozens and dozens of bras – most of them Ebay purchases and about 95% of them don’t fit. I really need to re-Ebay them.

But some fit perfectly, among them a black satin underwired one from Marks and Spencer.

My girlfriend has been amazingly supportive of my girl side since day one and is completely used to me wearing knickers, stockings, suspenders, slips, camisoles and nighties.

But it’s very rare that I’ve worn a bra in front of her. I just don’t wear them that often, despite owning so many.

Last night, we were going for dinner in a gorgeous little bistro and I asked her if it would be OK if I wore one. She wasn’t too keen initially, but then said it was fine, so I popped the black one on.

I wore a fairly thick blue floral shirt and we made sure that the straps and cups weren’t visible through the fabric. All was fine.

Then out we went for dinner. It felt like I was being given a lovely hug under my shirt, which was great, and I felt slightly “naughty”. I also felt really happy.

The bra’s back on again today. I’m not really sure why I haven’t worn them more, but I think that’s about to change. Good lingerie looks and feels amazing. I pity the people who don’t appreciate its wonders.

Also, as someone born male, it means I can connect with my feminine side every day underneath, yet still present as male on the outside, even if most of my jeans and tops are girls’ (androgynous) these days.

Andie x


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