Sexuality Part Deux

Brett Anderson, the frontman with indie-rockers Suede, once famously said that he was a “bisexual who’s never had a homosexual experience”.

This was about 20 years ago, if not more, and I have no idea if he’s popped his boy-cherry yet. Probably, though. He’s one of only two men I would have sex with.

The other is Brian Molko, lead singer with Placebo. But then he has bobbed hair, wears makeup and is very androgynous, so I’m not sure he’d count as “male” in these days of third gender and no gender.

Brett Anderson, of Suede

But Brett is just gorgeous. I’ve seen Suede three or four times – mainly in the Britpop days – but more recently at a gig in Oxford a couple of years ago.

He is very pretty without being girly. He’s slim, he can sing beautifully and he can dance. At one point during the Oxford gig, he came down into the audience and walked through the fans.

I surged towards him and was lucky enough to run my fingers through his sweat-soaked hair. I must confess I licked my hand afterwards. I wanted his DNA inside me!

So yeah, Brett, if you’re still looking for that experience, please think of me. I would do anything you wanted me to.

Funny, eh? I can’t stand blokes at all sexually – and yet this one I’d do anything for. And I mean anything!

This post came about after speaking to Miss Joanne, ballet teacher extraordinaire, on Wednesday.

She’s brilliant about me being trans and asks plenty of questions as she gets to know me better. This week, she asked me about my sexuality, and I said I like girls – whether cisgender or transgender.

Brian Molko, of Placebo

Then she asked what that would make her (in terms of sexuality) were we to be an item. She was speaking hypothetically, I hasten to add.

I joked that it would make her a lucky girl – and told her to read my previous sexuality post, Sexuality and non-binary people, in which I come to the conclusion I’m not sure what my sexuality is. Well, I know exactly what it is – I just don’t think a word has been invented for it yet. Little boxes, little boxes.

Miss Joanne then asked me whether I preferred trans girls or cis girls in terms of relationships.

I said cis, because that’s all I’ve ever known, but I wouldn’t rule out a trans girl either – whether that’s in terms of sex or a relationship.

I’m 43 now and have had several relationships over the years. I suppose my first girlfriend was when I was 13.

She asked me out by proposing to me. I accepted and never technically broke off the engagement. I wonder if this means we’re still technically engaged.

I then had a series of girlfriends, with relationships lasting everything from a few months to two or three years. I was with Georgie the longest (three-and-a-half years).

So have I ever had sex with a man? Nope. Brett’s never come knocking.

Have I ever had sex with someone trans? No, although I’ve been close three times. But that’s a story for another blog post.

Andie x


One thought on “Sexuality Part Deux

  1. Brett is choice I must admit! +1 there!

    Years ago a freind & I used to wind up in a local gay club at the end of a night out (Blues – sadly missed). ‘Straight’ people were very welcome & the atmosphere was always high. One of the rooms had a transvestite dj who I made no secret of fancying as said freind of mine often remembers. Who cares? Were good times 😀

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