Big in Japan (well, OK, Korea)


Well, the blog’s been up and about for well over a year now – and so I thought I’d give it a bit of a spring clean and install a new WordPress theme. Hope you like it.

I have absolutely no idea why this is but the blog became something of an overnight success in Korea. Whether that’s to do with my new theme or not, I don’t know.

I do post links to the blog on Twitter whenever there’s been an update, but I’ve never seen a spike like yesterday’s before, especially from the Far East. Most of my readers are from the UK and US.

Kim Jong-un – probably not a trans ally

Anyway, I’ll take it. I should also point out that the Korea in question is the one in the south – not the crazy secret state in the north.

It does make me wonder what Kim Jong-un would think of this blog – and transgenderism more generally – though. Famous for executing anyone who disagrees with him, I don’t get the impression he’s that liberal.

Anyway, the new theme’s here, which has tidied up the homepage and that means you no longer need to scroll through all the posts to get back to the earlier stuff.

Hope you like it. If you spot any bugs, dear reader, please let me know.

Andie x

PS If you are reading from Korea, can you let me know how you found the site?!


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