I can see you…

statsWell, this is interesting. Since posting my Transgender TERF war! post on Friday, things have got a little crazy with this silly little blog of mine.

I don’t really care how many people visit it – I’m not one of these bloggers who spends hours poring over the stats and working out how to get more hits. This is a personal diary for me to help me because I have a poor memory. If people visit and like what I write – or even comment, then that’s just a bonus.

But I have recently started checking the traffic. Since starting to write more, earlier this year, I’ve had more visitors, and it’s lovely to get regular comments from people like Shaz and Codeinfig. I’ve no idea who they really are, but it’s really lovely that they read this drivel I write and offer positive opinions. Thanks, folks!

Anyway, TERF post! Things didn’t go down well with Katie after writing it and, for that, I’m sorry. I certainly didn’t mean to cause offence. I may have been offended by her comments about women-only spaces, but that doesn’t mean I set out to cause my own offence to level the scores. An eye for an eye? Bollocks.

Her later comments (on Facebook Messenger) said I’d misrepresented what she’d said. I hadn’t. Sorry, but I really hadn’t. She found the picture of Donald Trump offensive. I said that all pictures of Donald Trump are offensive – as was his transgender toilets stance this week. Fascist.

But this was interesting, a little earlier…

… gosh it’s given me a different perspective on myself.

And I’m rather glad about that. If this means Katie can see something from a transwoman’s point of view rather than a ciswoman’s point of view, then that’s all to the good, I reckon.

What has pissed me off is that someone has shared the post on Facebook. I’ve done a search for it and nothing comes up, which means it’s either in a private group or it’s on Messenger. I suspect the former.

There’s also this…



I told Katie what I told her in confidence – as I do when I tell anyone. That means I don’t want it shared with other people. Sure, I shared what she’d said in a post – but I changed her name, so only she and I would ever know who Katie really is. And I’d tell her anything I wrote to her face. I’m not the kind to hide behind a keyboard.

At least I’m sure I can depend on her not to reveal my “bloke” identity.

As I write, it’s almost 1am on Sunday. The blog had 334 page views yesterday – most of them on the TERF thread, most of them from the UK and a massive majority referred by Facebook, which doesn’t normally happen. 334. The previous record was 89.

As I say, I couldn’t give a flying f*ck about the figures, but I would like to know what the TERFs are saying about me in the Mumsnet group, or whatever it is, on Facebook.

If you’re reading this, please feel free to comment below. Say hi – I don’t bite. I just like a good debate.

Andie xxx


3 thoughts on “I can see you…

  1. hey andie. i can tell you this much about myself, im not a terf! i could comment on a number of things about this post, but i probably wont under the circumstances. (its not you, i can tell you that.)

    if i were you, id just wait for it to pass over. watch out for frogs and locusts. or maybe just dance. im more intersectional, myself. as always, good luck ❤

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      • thats not the point, you know. thats like feeling guilty that you dont know how to read.

        if your claim is true, its because you missed the two opportunities, either of which would change it: no one taught you well, and you werent born with a craving for that particular sort of knowledge– which means that the only reaosnable path to it at this point is for someone to teach you well. id certainly be willing to chat with you some time, but the biggest part of the problem isnt even a lack of interest– its a lack in the belief of the possibility that it could be easy enough. and it can.

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