Forms from Nottingham gender clinic

In my post about finally getting my first appointment at Nottingham GIC, I wrote that I’d not been sent the paperwork I’d been expecting – I just received a letter telling me to telephone the centre to make an appointment. I now have them – and here they are.

So not the most thrilling post, this, but I thought they might be useful for other people who’ve been referred to Nottingham – or one of the other gender identity clinics. I imagine the paperwork’s about the same.

So, first, I got a letter (I’ve removed my personal details, natch…)



Wonder if KS is Sybil. ;o) The letter is all pretty straightforward – date and time of appointment, etc, etc.

Then there’s this…


This just a little A5 leaflet about patient confidentiality – how your personal details are stored and suchlike.

Then this…


So this is a new patient checklist with a few FAQs. They seem to be very strict on people cancelling appointments, as well they should be. If you’ve waited for the best part of two years to see someone, I can’t understand why you wouldn’t turn up – or at least let them know. If you’ve gone private, let the clinic know. Then someone else can fill your shoes.

Then this…


So this is another letter, this time about an assessment project. I’m going to take part – it’s all anonymous, and I don’t see the harm in giving the clinic useful feedback.

And then this…


This is the first page of the questionnaire. It’s 27 pages long, so I won’t publish all the pages. But it includes questions about gender identity, transphobia and other bullying, and how you feel about yourself.

Page 9 looks interesting…


After that, there are more questions about exercise, video gaming (odd!), friends and family, social interaction, gender identity, self-harm and much, much more!

There’s also an SAE to send it all back to Nottingham. So, that’s it really. As I say, I just thought it might help people, because I didn’t really know what you received – until I received it.

OK, time to get these forms filled in.

Andie xxx


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