Everything’s STILL awesome!

So after a really crappy 2016 and start to 2017 (relationship break-up, will-they-won’t-they-get-back-together situation, no-they-won’t situation and finally getting over my ex) I’ve felt really happy this past couple of weeks. And that’s due in no small part due to a certain someone.

I mentioned Annie in my post a few days ago. She’s a girl I met at Slimming World. She’s super-smart, mature, very caring, openminded, popular, fun, loveable. Just a really, really nice person. Great to chat to whether in person or on Facebook Messenger.

Anyway, she asked me if I’d like to go for a coffee and I said yep – but asked if we could upgrade the beans to grapes and go for a glass of wine somewhere.

So we arranged to meet up on Tuesday night. She lives in the next village to me, so I walked the couple of miles to one of the pubs there from my house.

True dat!

It was still pretty hot – I am LOVING this heatwave – and the walk just reminded me of hot summers as a kid. It’s funny how you remember so many days of your childhood as being hot and sunny. I think our brains filter out all the days of cold, wind and rain.

I walked past two cars with the same little yellow shield air fresheners hanging from their rear view mirrors. On them both was the message: “It’s time to shine.”

Seemed a good omen anyway. I headed to the pub and ordered a pint of IPA – too hot for wine – from barmaid Sophia, who also happens to be the lady who does my eyebrows and lashes. Is there no end to her talents?!

I went to sit in the beer garden, which was pretty busy with punters, and then Annie arrived soon afterwards, dressed for the weather in a lovely pale blue floral summer dress. I was in shorts and T-shirt.

And then we talked. I can’t exactly remember what about – but it was getting-to-know-you stuff. You know, music, politics, careers, that sort of stuff.

After a while, we were joined by her next-door neighbour, and then her stepdad-to-be, and then her mum.

Which was fine – it’s not like we were on a date or anything. I’m sure she considers me waaaaay too old! I’m 43 and she’s 22.

And everyone had a great time. After a while, we moved inside when it started to get cool. And then we headed to another pub. I was drinking pints of pretty strong beer. Rude not to when two of my favourite ales of all time just happened to be on the bar.

Then Sambucas were ordered – and then everything gets very hazy. I don’t remember walking back to her house with Annie and the other three, but I guess I must have done.

My first memory is of waking up the next morning in a dinky single bed, covered by a black duvet. There were black drapes and a very “who is the fairest of them all?” mirror, again edged in black, on a dressing table.

The shorts I’d been wearing were on the floor. Eeek! There was also a very angelic looking Annie sleeping next to me, her big brown eyes shrouded beneath closed lids.

She stirred, and I asked her if she could remember what had happened once we left the pub, or how we’d ended up in the same bed.

“I’m just kind of running with it!” she said with a laugh. I’m 99.9% sure nothing happened, though. I’d have remembered that, I’m sure!

I needed the loo so, after asking where it was, eased out of the bed. Arg! I was wearing my very frilliest lacy knicks from M&S. The nice Autograph ones, though, not the ones where you get five in a packet for £1 or whatever.

M&S knicks – very similar to mine 

If Annie saw, she didn’t say anything. But then, hey, she knows I’m trans anyway, so I pulled on my shorts, nipped to the loo and then headed back to bed, falling back to sleep.

When I woke again, it was 11.30am and Annie and her mum had made breakfast – or was it brunch? Bless them! Sausage, egg, beans and tomatoes. Super Slimming World friendly, too.

After breakfast, Annie and I carried on chatting while sitting outside in the sunshine, both feeling a little worse for wear but really enjoying each other’s company.

I headed back feeling really happy. I’d met someone really special. We carried on chatting on Facebook Messenger about this and that – she even likes Regina Spektor. I think she’s the first person I’ve ever met who’s heard of her, let alone likes her!

Last night, we also shared our thoughts on being happy to be alive – and it turns out we were both stargazing at the same time. I told her that she felt like a breath of fresh air to enter my life.

She said:

Honestly I think the same. You’re one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! 😁 xxx

And that just made me melt. As I say, I’m sure I’d be considered way too old for anything romantic – but how lovely is it when you meet someone with whom you share a connection, a bond? Someone who appreciates that, despite everything, it really is a wonderful life?

Andie xxx


4 thoughts on “Everything’s STILL awesome!

  1. Nah, you’re not too old. Some women like a more mature partner… in frilly knickers. There’s someone out there for everyone so just go with the flow – either way, you’ve gained a lovely friend and that’s what matters most

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