Hi, I’m Andie, a 40-something non-binary transgender person (assigned male at birth) from the Midlands, in the UK.

This blog is intended as a diary, from the day I asked my doctor for a referral to the local gender identity clinic to the process involved and, ultimately, hopefully, to starting HRT.

As well as the present and the future, I will also write about what has happened on my transgender journey in the past.

It will hopefully help me when looking back on the process in the future (my memory isn’t the best) and other people on similar journeys.

Oh, and there might be a few musings about ballet, too. Enjoy.


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  1. Elf Prince approves and now fully intends on stalk- I mean.. paying attention 😉 to every word said here and probably quoting some of the words used ❤ ❤

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